I have been a bit of a hermit over the last few months while working on a Deity series. ‘The Goddesses & Gods’.  As inspirational as this has been personally, it has left me a little insular and hiding away with my paints, palettes and brushes.  I am happy to say that visits from family and friends have brought me out of my painting and research hovel, and a few commissions required a refocus of subject matter.  It never hurts to walk away for a while, to play in the sun, to watch nature, to listen to loved ones and to dance in the rain.  The palette knife has danced its way back into my work after a long absence and I am enjoying the weight and structure of the paint as it piles on. Let’s see where this leads.  Paint on my friends…….


ART Inspiration…Part 1

Everyone finds inspiration from different sources. For me it is mostly about emotion.  Once I get started with a sketch for a painting I am literally moved by some emotion or another. From there I just begin mixing paint colors and let the brushes take me to another place. Always remembering to breathe, it is like a meditation. Music helps…. more on that another time.

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