Spring Has Arrived


Usually in the winter I like to hibernate, paint whatever I want; and make lots of homemade soups and bake. I have not had as much opportunity for that this year.  I have been busy with commissioned paintings, paint parties, workshops and art shows. Not that I’m complaining…busy is good.  I am just happy I have one weekend off and I plan on doing the bread baking and soup making STAT.

It’s currently raining in sunny Southern California and everything is popping up in beautiful, vibrant shades of color. I love to stroll around our property watching the green sage bloom into stunning lavender bursts, the chamomile’s yellow heads poking out from the earth and my roses (after an aggressive pruning) are a rainbow of enchanting hues. 

 Much like musicians hear a new song in the bird cries, artists start to formulate ideas from nature and its awesome visual delights in the spring. Everything is awakening and new, the shine from the raindrops making a glinting sparkle on all that it touches. Rainbows are bountiful today.  Inspiration is bubbling and brewing.  Happy Spring everyone. 







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